Process quality

AB-TECH Ltd. has liability insurance of up to € 500,000.

We choose our employees according to precisely defined criteria and the customer’s requirements.

All of AB-TECH Ltd. employees have passed a selection procedure and have been thoroughly examined in practice.

All employees regularly attend occupational safety, control measurements and environmental training to ensure product fluency and end-user satisfaction.

A documentation service for each service - orders are carefully recorded from start to finish.

A coordinator is assigned for each order and is responsible for its fulfillment. The coordinator is also responsible for our production staff and is in regular contact with the customer with whom he/she communicates the criteria and requirements for each order.

Daily reports and records of the work performed are detailed in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

The working process and quality of our operators are regularly inspected by the coordinator to ensure 100% quality.

Identification of our operators: All of our workers are dressed in green work clothes with the company’s logo.

Our system enables us to be permanently prepare for the needs of our clients and to participate in finding solutions to situations in the production, directly on the premises of the customer. Fast responses, easy customization and flexibility are our top priorities.